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Little About Me

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I'm a creative problem solver and a quick thinker. Throw me with wolves and I come back leading the pack .Ever since I could read I have been studding colors, color phycology, function and design. I consider myself a gifted person because I can do both coding and designing. Taking care of clients from A to Z is in my blood. I am great with presentations. You tell me I am bluffing!? I tell you to take a moment and check out my portfolio. Thanks for visiting

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industrial design
web design and developments

Web Design Samples

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hesam faryad music Royal Car Wash shiva negar official webiste assembler Toronto Iranian Christian Church northline motors POOR Altonix Security System Dadgar Magazine Barber Shop Jam Productions revival clothing Cafe Chic Blids shutters Meer Motor Sports Canadian CNM more to come soon

• Fully customized web site
• Photography (Canon Rebel XS)
• Logo Designe
• Business Card Design

• Customized web design
• Updated by webmaster
• Logo Design

• Customized web design
• The site looks like a drawer from top view. cool! :D
• Logo Design
• Business Card Design

• A Wordpress website

• A Wordpress website
• Listing update
• Showroom

• A very complex website
• Coded from skeratch

• Coded website for security company with a list of parts and items

• A wordpress website with users assigned to different posts

• HTML coded website for the barber shop in Toronto
• Logo Design
• Business Card Design

• HTML coded website for music, film, music video production company

• HTML coded website for clothing store

• HTML coded websit
• Random home pic when refreshed

• HTML coded complex website

• HTML coded all in one page website

• HTML coded website
• One of my very first web designs

• HTML coded website
• Combination of full and centered width

Computer Graphic

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